5 things to do on a rainy day in Houston

1- Houston Children’s MuseumThis is an award-winning museum, one of the best in the world, known as ‘the playground for your child’s mind.’ It is totally interactive where kids can invent, design, build, construct, create, sort out, problem solve, play and draw. There are tons of computers, visual screens, interactive games that include science and math, jungle gyms, slides, shops, art, creating activities and cooking too.

We love the water area called Flow World, as do the kids, and you’ll find they can spend hours in this section alone. Kidtropolis is amazing, a ‘real life’ kid metropolis with a skyline, city, government, buildings, and occupations. The Ecosection is always a big hit and your child may come home with a new found love for recycling. You can spend the whole day here easily, there’s a lovely restaurant, a great shop and big cozy chairs for the adults.

Your kid will come home tired but super happy and perhaps with a new found love for science and discovery. Open daily, please check the website for times.

Address: 1500 Binz ST, Houston, Texas, TA 7704
Tel: 713-522-1138

2- Space Centre, Houston


The Space Centre is incredible. It opened in 1992 and is the number one attraction for international tourists. You can participate in a Nasa Tram Tour (no problem if it’s raining) and see the grounds of Nasa and the Johnson Space Centre.

Watch engineers shaping the future, meet an astronaut and learn about life in space, board a capsule to Mars, play interactive games based on science and math that are fun, look at planets and spacecraft and shuttles and prepare to have your mind blown! Check the website for special events and programs, also to double check opening hours as the hours are seasonal.

Address: 1601 NASA Parkway, Houston, Texas, TX 77058
Tel: 281-244-2100

Houston Museum of Natural Science

Right now there is an exhibition of Mummies of the World and it is GRUESOME. And also extraordinary and not to be missed. The Houston Museum of Natural Science also has a planetarium, a theatre with a giant-sized screen, a butterfly park, the George Observatory with giant telescopes for public use, stunning exhibitions on dinosaurs and paleontology, astrology, Space, chemistry, wildlife and far too much more to mention individually.

It is safe to say you can spend hours here.The butterfly park, in particular, is a huge hit with all ages, with butterflies of all sizes and colors that will rest gently on your shoulders, your head or your hand. There are also live frogs, just in case that’s your thing! There are often demonstrations and talks, movies and if that isn’t enough for you, you can get involved in some of the interactive displays. Open daily but please check the website for opening hours.

Address: 5555 Hermann Park, Houston, Texas, TA77030
Tel: 713-639-4629

4- Houston Fire Museum

This is a fabulous play place for kids and is also super cool for teens and their parents. If you’ve ever wanted to slide down the fireman pole, now is your opportunity to do it. The kids can also put on fireman uniforms, go into the cab of a firetruck, turn on the lights, ring the siren and pretend to put out a fire. If they’re lucky and the time is right, they may get to go on a short ride too.

There are amazing games that kids can play that are interactive on computer screens, there are books on fire safety and movies. It’s not all about kids; there is a historical section that shares stories and events from Houston and real fire events. The museum aims to educate and the exhibition entitled ‘In Case of Fire – Yell Fire’ is excellent.

You can book a children’s birthday party here, or just pop in on a rainy day, it’s well worth a visit. Kids get to meet firefighters too, a pretty inspiring experience. This is also a pretty inexpensive visit, just $3 per child and $5 per adult.

Address: 2403 Milam Street, Houston, Texas, TA 770006
Tel: 713-524-2526

5- Houston Downtown Aquarium

A pretty cool thing to do on a rainy day is to visit an aquarium and learn about our oceans, marine creatures and underwater worlds. The Houston Downtown Aquarium is a holistic experience where you can see marine creatures, watch marine creatures and interact with them. Wander around the aquarium on your own, spend a bit of extra time marveling at the jellyfish, and then hop on to C.P. Huntington train and enjoy a ride right through the center of an enormous shark tank.

Enjoy a tour through the Louisiana Swamp where you will see enormous alligators, turtles, crayfish, catfish, and frogs. Kids will love exploring the shipwreck and pretend to be pirates, there is a rainforest, underwater temples, and at the very end, an educational center. It’s quite nice to sit and quieten down, draw some ocean scenes, relax by the turtles. Fab restaurant, a lovely shop and if the weather clears, there is a whole amusement park outside. Check the website for opening hours.

Address: 410 Bagby Street @ Memorial Drive, Houston, Texas, TA 77002
Tel: 713-315-5109

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